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Truffle Brie Vegan Cashew Milk Cheese, The Uncreamery, San Francisco, CA (8oz)

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Made with cashews, this delicious Truffle Brie is for the true dairy-free cheese connoisseur - it's made with real Black Summer Truffles, taking things up a notch for pure earthy, creamy bliss in every bite.

Ingredients: Filtered water, refined coconut oil, cashews, tapioca starch, nutritional yeast, chickpea miso paste (rice koji, whole chickpeas, sun-dried sea salt, Blue Ridge Mountain well water, koji spores), aloe extract (aloe vera powder, salt, vegetable extract, aloe vera extract, calcium powder), apple cider vinegar, carrageenan, salt, vegan white wine, natural flavor from flax, oregano, plum.

Allergens: Contains tree nuts (cashews, coconut)

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