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Wakatake "Onikoroshi" (Demon Slayer), Junmai Ginjo, Shizuoka, Japan [300ml half bottle]

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Wakatake "Onikoroshi" 若竹鬼ころし (Demon Slayer), Junmai Ginjo, Shizuoka, Japan [300ml half bottle]

SMV +2 (dry with fruitiness)

Ginjo (吟醸) is  premium sake that uses rice that has been polished to at least 60  percent. It is brewed using special yeast and fermentation techniques.  The result is often a light, fruity, and complex flavor that is usually  quite fragrant.

Junmai Ginjo or Junmai Daiginjo style sake is best served chilled to preserve the delicate floral and fruity aroma and flavors, which are enhanced by a chilled temperature. 

Established in 1832, from Shizuoko prefecture.  Located along the Ohi  river, in the center of Japan, flowing to the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s  southern Alps; the town of Shimada once prospered as one of the lodging  towns of the 53 post stations of the Tokaido.  The original Wakatake  Onikoroshi sake is historically famous for having comforted many weary  travelers crossing the Ohi river. For years, since the brewery’s  foundation, they have lived through the rise and fall of history with  the people in the town, and have enjoyed their hospitality.  Although  there were several breweries in the town at that time, due to its  good-quality water, Ohmuraya shuzojo brewery is the only one remaining  now. They continue doing their best to convey one of the most important  traditional industries of Japan to the next generation.  Wakatake is  run by Mr. Matsunaga, the 6th Generation President and the Brewmaster is  Mr. Hibino. The team is small, 5 to 7 people.

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